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Why us ? Why Not A Bank ?

We understand you have a choice where you go for your loan and by choosing Home Loans to look after your needs, we see it as entering a long-running partnership with you.You could go to a bank but would they be able to offer you the best product for you? The answer in most cases is “No”.

Why? Because they only have access to their best products.

Can I shop around then? Yes, you can. But, can you imagine trying to work out the difference between 20 or 30 different loan products…we all know about fine print!
That is why your best option is to call one of our Mortgage Planners at Home Loans In Aus. We can do the research for you, show you the comparisons between available products on the market and provide you with our professional recommendations – taking the guess work out of it.

Sounds great. Service like that must cost an arm and a leg?

Definately not. This is what the planners get paid to do. Their role is investing their time ensuring they are up to date with the latest loan products to guarantee that you are always given the best loan available for your particular circumstances.

Oh, and the lender you select pays us a commission which is why our service is free of charge for you.

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